A man was reportedly shot dead by a female after he attempted to steal her mobile phone and other valuables in downtown Kingston on Saturday.

Reports are that about 9:45 am the woman was in the market district of the busy commercial hub when the would-be robber and his cronies arrived in the area and demanded that the female hand over her phone and other valuables.

Information reaching Loop News is that the leader of the group grabbed the phone from the female and pushed her to the ground and was attempting to escape from the area when he was shot by the female, who is said to be a licensed firearm holder.

Reports are that the other men in the group fled after hearing the explosion.

The injured man was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The incident took place just days after another female vendor was shot dead by criminals in another section of the downtown Kingston market district.

The deceased in that incident was identified as Debbie Eaton, alias ‘Debbie Ninja’, of Rema, in West Kingston.

She was said to be in her 40s and was an amputee.

According to reports, at about 8 am, Eaton was in the area when she was pounced upon by gunmen who shot her.

The assailants then fled the area.

The injured woman was assisted to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

A motive for the gun attack has not been established by investigators.