Home News Little girl spotted using light from ATM gallery to do her homework

Little girl spotted using light from ATM gallery to do her homework


– A little girl has been spotted at an Automated Teller Machine gallery at night

– The little girl was seen using the light illuminated from the gallery to study

– It was reported that a bank account has now been opened for the little girl by the bank that owns the ATM gallery

A little girl has gone viral on social media after she was seen studying at night in front of an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) gallery. The little could be seen in the photo using the gallery light to study.

The photo of the girl was shared on the popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter, by a user identified as Bada Maruf Matthew.

Matthew said he spotted the little girl identified simply as Dele at the ATM gallery of a bank along Yaba Road in Ondo State. The man stated that he respects her determination to make it in life.

He also noted that he wants the post to go viral, and he got his wish. After the post went viral, it was spotted by the bank.

The Nigerian bank reacted, stating that Dele’s determination to study is inspiring. The bank also announced that it would offer support to Dele in any way if she is found.

Matthew later revealed that an account has been opened for the girl by the bank. He shared the name of account and number on the platform, thanking everyone who helped to find her and share her story.