Nationwide News has obtained copies of documents that appear to show just how Usain Bolt’s account at Stocks and Securities Limited, SSL was bilked of several thousand US or millions of Jamaican dollars.

One document confirms that Bolt’s investment at SSL was under the business name ‘Welljen Limited’. Welljen’s business address is noted as ‘First floor, Bourbon Street PO Box 1695, Castries, St. Lucia’.

The document to register ‘Welljen Limited’ as a client of SSL, bears the names and signatures of two individuals with close ties to Usain Bolt. That registration document was witnessed, reviewed, and approved by officials at SSL on April 25, 2012.

Our news center will only reveal at this time that the name of the SSL official who signed as a witness to the registration of Wellsjen as a client, affixed her name as ‘Jean Ann P’.

The documents raise even more questions about how client accounts were managed at SSL.

They also raise the serious question of whether the sprint legend was betrayed by members of his inner circle.

More in this report from Ricardo Brooks.

The documents we’ve obtained don’t just purport to show how the alleged fraud was perpetrated against Usain Bolt. They go further by providing granular detail about how it was done.

If you thought that Bolt’s account had cash lying in it and that fraudsters simply removed the cash over time, you would have thought wrong.

From the documents, Bolt’s investment was tied up in some of the most valuable stocks in the world.

The investments include blue chip stocks like Alphabet, the parent company of Google, Apple, Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook.

Our documents show 10 transactions, between August 12, 2021 and February 3, 2022, where 191 units of the mentioned blue chip stocks, were transferred from Bolt’s account to another account at SSL. The documents show the number and name on the recipient account.

That same account, with the same number and name, received all 10 transactions from Bolt’s account over the six-month period. We will call that account ‘TT’, using the initials of the name on the account.

So, who authorized the transfer of Bolt’s blue chip stocks, worth thousands of US dollars to the ‘TT’ account?

Well, one of the individuals who signed the document registering Bolt’s account with SSL, was the person who purportedly authorized all 10 transactions.

That individual, on July 13, 2021, August 10, 2021, September 13, 2021, September 27, 2021 and February 1, 2022, wrote five emails to Jean-Ann Panton, authorizing the transfer of Bolt’s blue-chip stocks to the ‘TT’ account.

Curiously, none of those emails was sent to Jean-Ann Panton’s work email, Instead, all of them were sent to Jean-Ann Panton’s personal email, a Hotmail account.

From the documents, it appears those emails were then forwarded to Panton’s SSL email and then sent to what appears to be another one of her personal email addresses, this time a account.

In summary, instructions to transfer blue chip stocks from Bolt’s account to another account at SSL were bounced around three email accounts associated with Jean-Ann Panton, only one of which was her official work email.

The five equity transfer request forms used by Jean-Ann Panton to facilitate the movement of Bolt’s stocks, has a space where a Service Supervisor/Head of Sales is supposed to sign and authenticate the transactions.

But, while Panton’s name appears on all five forms, none of them is signed by a Service Supervisor/Head of Sales.


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