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Black Man Sentenced 99 Years, Freed After Accuser Admits Picking Man Out Of Lineup At Random


False accusations in the United States are a common occurrence. Even more unfortunately is that the majority of them happen to people of color. This week another black man was set free after some damning false allegations. His name joins the list of countless others who’ve been locked away for crimes they didn’t commit.

Last week we reported on Herbert Alford, a Michigan man that was falsely convicted in 2011 for taking someone’s life. Sadder still, Alford could have been in the clear way early had car rental company Hertz been able to provide rental records that helped prove his innocence 5 years earlier.

Now a freedman, Alford is suing Hertz.


“There is no question that (Alford) would have avoided going to prison had they produced this documentation,” his attorney Jamie White told WLNS-TV.

Hertz apologied and released the following statement “While we were unable to find the historic rental record from 2011 when it was requested in 2015, we continued our good faith efforts to locate it,” spokeswoman Lauren Luster said Wednesday. “With advances in data search in the years following, we were able to locate the rental record in 2018 and promptly provided it.”

A New Orleans man is also freed today after a witness came forward and confessed to lying.


Jermaine Hudson, 42, was sentenced to 99 years in jail back in 2000. At the time, Hudson’s name was randomly chosen from a lineup of pictures by a man who claimed he didn’t want to tell the trust about a drug purchase. Hudson was released on Friday – just a day after his accuser came forward to District Attorney Jason Williams of Orleans Parish in Louisiana to admit he fabricated the crime, NOLA.com reported.

“For the last 20 years since this happened, I have been tortured by the lie I told,” he said in an affidavit on Thursday.

At his trail in March of 2000, Hudson said the still unnamed accuser broke down in tears. He saw it as a man anguished about the false accusation he wad making. Jurors unfortunately did not see the same thing.

The judge, Julian Parker, sentenced Hudson to 99 years. All appeals made by Hudson were denied for the next 2 decades.

His case was one of 22 in which the prosecutors recently moved to vacate their convictions. He initially agreed to plead guilty to the robbery and receive a of time served at a hearing before Judge Nandi Campbell.

“I just thank God that it’s finally over,” said Hudson to Nola.com. “Thank God for revealing the truth. I forgive the guy and pray that he gets his life back on track.”