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A 96-year-old sells her house and reveals an incredible time capsule inside



In 2014, a 96-year-old Toronto resident finally decided to sell her two-story home after 72 years located in the West Toronto neighborhood of Bloor West Village.

From the outside, the house didn’t look like anything out of the ordinary, and even her neighbors had no idea about the surprise she’d been keeping inside.

A real estate agent assigned to the house stepped inside and was taken aback by what she found.

Step inside. Whether you love vintage things or not, this house is sure to blow you away.

The home was intricately and gorgeously decorated in perfect style, drawing from the best of the 1950s and ’60s from floor to ceiling. We’re talking metallic wallpaper, modern baroque prints, colorful carpeting, and neo-ornate splendor, and much, much more.

The homeowner was a 96-year-old seamstress who had always been passionate about interior design but unable to make it her profession.

Despite her age, she and her family lovingly maintained the home’s classic beauty and eccentricities for 72 years.

Enjoy your journey back in time with the gorgeous photos below:


The breathtaking meticulously maintained wallpaper in the front entrance.
Love the colors!
 Everything matches perfectly, including this charming bathroom.
 What an adorable kitchen!
The kitchen nook. This really takes you back to another era.
The formal dining room. Needless to say, no cell phones at this table!
 Hall at the top of the staircase. I’m in love with this wallpaper!
Hopefully, the new owners like purple?
And pink!
Charming master bedroom.
 The den — also impeccably maintained.
 Another view of the den, including the fireplace.
The laundry room.
Here’s the outside of the house.
And finally, the backyard.

Photos: HGTV

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