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Mrs. Sioh {Wife} sues Nene Leakes {Alleged Mistress} for $100,000 USD


Have you ever been the man or woman scorned? I have.

There is nothing worse than loving someone, being faithful to them and finding out they were not faithful to you. What if I told you that if this situation happened in your marriage you could sue the mistress or jim screechie* for thousands, even millions of dollars. Well, this is just what Malomine Tehmeh-Sioh decided to do.

Now we don’t know the type of wife Mrs. Sioh was, but does it matter? If one is unhappy, one should leave the situation and not engage in deception and stealth. Thus, we applaud Mrs. Sioh for deciding to punish the man for his clandestine behaviour. Hold up… but wait… it isn’t Mr. Nyonisela Sioh she has gone after, it is none other than NeNe Leakes (the RHOA star), his present girlfriend and the alleged previous mistress who has allegedly destroyed a thriving happy home.

Mrs. Sioh maintains in the North Carolina* lawsuit filed on May 23rd that she and her husband were sexually active and to her knowledge genuinely happy until Miss NeNe Leakes decided to allegedly intervene. This alleged homewrecking behaviour has resulted in mental distress, embarrassment and humiliation. Thus, Mrs. Sioh wants $100,000 in damages for the alienation of affection that has resulted from the alleged temptress that is Nene. 

Apparently, this suit may be in the bag since Mr. Sioh and NeNe Leakes have documented evidence of their affair posted on social media, including a photo of Nyonisela Sioh and NeNe Leakes at NeNe Leakes’s birthday party in December 2021. 

The lawsuit maintains that the Siohs married on November 10, 2016 and separated on December 17, 2021.

What I have found most shocking is that Nene over the years has been adamant that married men… separated or not should be off the table. She has allegedly alluded to time and again that there are enough men in the world to choose from, why choose one with baggage. She has said allegedly verbatim that Kim Zolciak-Biermann should close her legs to married men. So based on Nene’s past morals and standards one can’t help but wonder why she would break her own rules……. 

He must be packing and putting it down to have one woman forget her hard and steadfast rules, and have another so scorned and hurt she has become the face of scorned women everywhere. 

Nevertheless, Mrs. Sioh may just get the $100,000 USD after all since a North Carolina man won a similar case in 2019, allowing him to walk away with $8.8 Million USD. 

* Jim Screechie – used in the Caribbean to describe a man who is in a sexual relationship with a woman who has a husband.

* North Carolina – One of 7 States (Hawaii, Illinois, Mississippi, New Mexico, South Dakota and Utah) that allow ex-wives or husbands to sue mistresses or Jim Screechies. 

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