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Jim Screechie pays $8.8 Million for having intercourse with a man’s wife!


Usually when there is infidelity the person who suffers financially is the adulterer. As during divorce proceedings, especially in states that permit “fault” divorces, the adulterer would have to concede to terms that are financially unfavourable. However, in North Carolina, there is a law widely known as the “home wrecker law” which stipulates that the alleged home wrecker pay for the “alienation of affection.” The most shocking thing is this law requires no proof of intercourse. The only requirement is evidence that someone has disrupted pre-existing marital happiness by proving that:


  1. There was love shared between the husband and wife prior to the home wrecker’s interference
  2. The home wrecker’s actions has resulted in the alienation of affection, leading to the demise of the marriage


In the case of Keith King, his wife Danielle Swords’s 16 month affair has made him a millionaire with the Jim Screechie*, Francisco Huizar III, having to pay $8.8 Million USD in damages! Why? Because this Jim Screechie not only took Keith King’s wife but also a valuable employee since the spouses had a business together, King BMX Stunt Shows. 


Danielle met her Jim Screechie at a bike show in 2015, 5 years after she got married. At which time, Francisco Huizar III, pursued her. The afflicted, Keith King, provided call logs, hotel receipts and social media posts as evidence. 


The lawsuit included: criminal conversation (intercourse), alienation of affection, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and assault and battery.


While Danielle Swords maintained the marriage was already in decline, the evidence provided tells a different story which is why Huizar was [penalized by such a large amount, $8.8 Million USD. 


So the next time you think about sleeping with a married person, consider whether it is worth the financial stress. Honestly, it’s cheaper to get an escort.


* Jim Screechie – used in the Caribbean to describe a man who is in a sexual relationship with a woman who has a husband.

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