An exceptional 18-year boy has made history as the first Black male valedictorian at Westfield High School in Houston, Texas set to further at Harvard university united States.

The young black American hopes to inspire other young Black men to strive and never give up on achieving their goals.

“My story specifically can help other young Black men to know that just because society may say one thing about you, or there may be a stigma or stereotype that surrounds being a Black man, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re confined to that,” Tatum told Fox 26 News.

“I have an award named after me in SpringISD titled the Tatum Award for Young Authors, and after being accepted to 7 Ivy Leagues and Stanford, Rice, UCLA, and UC Berkeley, I have the privilege of attending Harvard in the fall. But it wasn’t easy” He added

Tatum wrote a book, Thriving In My Own Lane, tells his story. He began writing the book while he was in eighth grade, with the goal of demonstrating how he persevered despite the opinions of others.

He revealed that “I noticed that people didn’t see me in that light because I was a young Black man. They didn’t see me in the light of the next doctor, lawyer, or engineer. The message I wanted to convey was we are more than just a stereotype. We are more than just thugs. We are more than athletes.”

He decided to study Biomedical Engineering and Government at Harvard University. He want to contribute to engineering, medicine, and social justice developments in the future.

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